Monday, 9 January 2012

New Born Baby Care

As a mother of a newborn baby face many difficulties and problems you need to understand and treat immediately. A newborn baby does not come with instructions so here are some ideas on baby care are a few things you should know about the fact that a new father.
Bathing your baby: Your baby's umbilical cord falls into one or two weeks after your baby is born. Until it falls off, you should only give sponge baths new baby. You can moisten a cotton ball or cotton swab with alcohol to help dry the umbilical stump, or simply follow the advice of your pediatrician. You can give your baby a bath in a tub or sink shortly after the stump falls off.

Cesarean: A cesarean delivery is usually done to the safer for you or your baby. C-sections can be done for many different reasons including stalled labor, complicated delivery, problems with the baby can make a difficult delivery, or other problems. No matter if a vaginal delivery or cesarean, you still have a mother with a beautiful new blessing.
Circumcision: Many doctors feel that there are many benefits of your new baby circumcised, but not absolutely necessary. It can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and virtually any possibility of penile cancer. Circumcision does not cause long-term emotional problems for your baby.
Sudden death (SIDS): Many studies have been made to these countries. Although the cause of SIDS has not been definitively established, there are some correlations are made between SIDS and the following things:
Girls are less likely to die of SIDS than male infantsThe risk is higher in premature birthMinority children are more likely to be affected by small island states that non-minority children.More young single mothers die of SIDSSmoking in the home increases the risk of SIDS
Some people think that sleeping with your baby is okay and the baby continues to sleep with them. The American Academy of Pediatrics disagrees with this and says there is an increased risk of SIDS in babies who sleep with someone else. Newborn babies should sleep alone in a crib or cradle or next to or near an adult. Never use pillows, blankets, stuffed animals or anything else that her newborn baby could be at risk in his bed.
Most pediatricians recommend that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. The reason for this is discussed extensively by health experts. If you have questions, ask your pediatrician. There are no stupid questions when it comes to health and safety of your child, so do not be afraid to ask for help

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