Saturday, 14 January 2012


Newborn babies usually feed on breast milk or formula. Bottle-feeding is an alternative way of breastfeeding, which is similar to breastfeeding infants. But the most worrying is that in the case of milk, bottle feeding is part of sterilizing bottles. Newborn babies are usually very good chance of being beaten with some type of infection. Given the fact that he is very grateful to the sterilization bottle feeding the baby. Leaving the bottle without sterilization can cause the bacteria to produce everywhere and not all possible changes to get the germs are passed to your baby while bottle feeding of milk.

There are several ways to sterilize the bottles, which can sterilize bottles do. Some of them are like steam sterilization, cooking, sterilization and cold water use microwave containers. Microwave milk bottles, bottles for babies that can be sterilized in the microwave. Kitchen serves the purpose of sterilizing the bottle at a time in a fast and easy way. Babies are totally dependent on bottle feeding then it becomes much more important among them. Therefore, a sterilized bottle for babies is a need to be safe.

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