Thursday, 16 February 2012

10 Easy Ways to Start Signing with Your Baby

10 simple ways to start with infant sign language.

one. Start early. Start using infant signs in your everyday method along with your infant, even from a few weeks elderly. Keep in mind to say the word as you make the sign & point to the object. Over time it will come naturally. Kids tend to create the gross motor skills to be able to shape their hands & make signs sometime from 6 months upwards.

two. Keep it fun! The more relevant the signs are for your infant the more likely your infant is to require to 'talk' to you. Most kids enjoy pointing at objects they like in books. Use those visual clues to build your infant sign language vocabulary. Sign & say words from the books that you are reading together.

four. Always say the word that you are signing. Infant signing helps with early language development as the signs are always done simultaneously as the word is spoken.
three. Concentrate on a few signs at a time. Start with some simple signs like milk, automobile, home. You can build increasingly signs in to your infant sign language vocabulary over time.

five. Involve the relatives. Encourage older siblings, your partner, grandparents & other people that look after your infant. The more your infant is exposed to infant sign language the faster they or he will learn.

7. Don't let the sceptics get to you. People may try & tell you that infant signing slows down speech development. Infant signing was developed for hearing kids. If you are learning signing based on your country's deaf community language - e.g. BSL or ASL - then an added benefit will be that your infant is learning a skill that will enable them to communicate with the deaf community in later life.

6. Get together with a group of friends to sign. Better still go to a infant signing class if there is local to you. It is motivating to see other kids signing & it is a great social activity to get out & about & meet other mums in your area.

8. Do what comes naturally. Alter signs to suit you or your infant in case you require. Above all have fun bonding!

9. Give it a go. In case you don't you'll seldom know whether you could have reduced the frustration of the terrible twos, helped your baby's development or been a happier parent of a more confident, happier infant.

ten. Don't give up. All kids create skills & reach milestones at their own pace. Your infant will sign back to you when they are prepared. & when that moment happens, you & your infant will feel like you have shared your own eureka.

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