Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Guide For First Time Parents

Feeding: This is of the most important aspects of handling a child, because nutrition is important for the new born and mother's milk is the elixir. The right positioning and handling of the child is vital as is also the breast feeding norms and period.

Planning for a child and introducing a brand spanking new life in to the world is always encouraging and fascinating. It is an overwhelming experience for both the parents. And more overwhelming is the amount of advices and suggestions imparted by everyone around about the child care fundamentals. Everyone normally has something to say on the topic and this actually scares the new mom and confuses her further. There is a lot of stuff that the new parents and the new mom require to know like Natural child care, healthy eating, child sleeping habits, etc. The nine months of pregnancy are not the only difficult point for a brand spanking new father, but the months entailing after the birth of a child are intense , as the child needs lot of care and help. Let us summarize a quantity of the child care fundamentals that first time parents must know:

Bottle Feeding: The transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding must be smooth and must be undertaken after taking doctors consultation. It is recommended to breast feed continuously for the first 6 months. It is necessary for natural child care. After a year, bottle feeding can be resorted to.

Diapering: Cleanliness of the new born is essential and in the work of the first lots of years of birth, the kid needs to be diapered at all times. This needs lots of knowledge and sense as in to gauge when the diaper needs to be changed and how to go about it. Natural child care diapers can be used

Dressing and Clothing: Kid Dresses must be selected with caution. The babies' skin is sensitive and thus the clothing and the diaper material ought to be selected so as to keep away from rashes and discomfort for the child.

Vaccine Your Newborn And Prevent Child Disease: Vaccination at the right and early age is important. Today there's lots of vaccinations for major prevention of diseases available free of cost and thus it must be taken as per doctors advice.

Look after Your Baby's Gums and Emerging Teeth: Teething will start in time and this is the time to give proper care. The gums are not strong at this point and the arrival of the new teeth may cause some discomfort for the child. Proper solid food is given when teething starts and the child has to be familiarized with the method.

Sleeping patterns: The sleep pattern of the kids can be erratic, which means they would be awake  half of the night. This is because they don't understand the difference between night and day. It is however recommended that the newborn must sleep  16 hours a day.

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